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John Hewitt

(28 October 1907-22 June 1987) John Harold Hewitt  was the most significant Ulster poet to emerge before the Sixties generation of Seamus Heaney, Derek Mahon and Michael Longley. Hehad an active political life and was an atheist. His life and work are celebrated in two prominent ways – the annual John Hewitt International Summer School […]

Charles Bradlaugh

(26 September 1833 – 30 January 1891) Charles Bradlaugh was an atheist pro-feminist social reformer, Member of Parliament and founder of the National Secular Society. Bradlaugh left home at the age of 16 due to religious differences with his family and was assisted by Elizabeth Sharples Carlile, widow of Richard Carlile the publisher of Tom […]

John Stuart Mill

(1806–1873) John Stuart Mill was a philosopher, economist, and pioneer of utilitarianism. Struggle with religion Son of the utilitarian philosopher and Benthamite reformer James Mill, he was early exposed to anti-religious thought and claimed in his autobiography that he did not ‘throw off religious belief but never had it’. However, it has been asserted that he […]

George Holyoake

(13 April 1817 – 22 January 1906) The son of a Birmingham whitesmith, he started evening classes at the Birmingham Mechanics Institute in 1836 where he first came under the influence of the ideas of Robert Owen. He also became a member of the Chartist movement in Birmingham. In 1840, Holyoake became a Owenite social […]

Bertrand Russell

(18 May 1872 – 2 February 1970) Betrand Russell was foremost a philosopher and mathematician, but also subscribed to many causes throughout his long life. He lived for most of his life in England, with brief interludes in the United States and China Russell was born in Cleddon Hall, Trellech, Monmouthshire and studied at Trinity […]