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David Hume Masoleum, Edinburgh

This is the resting place of philosopher David Hume who died in 1776. Hume prescribed this “simple Roman tomb” which stands, as he wished it, on the Eastern slope of the Calton Hill overlooking his home in the New Town of Edinburgh at No. 1 St. David Street. Hume also wrote his own epitaph: “Born 1711, […]

David Hume Statue, Edinburgh

This modern bronze statue on a Clashach sandstone plinth depicts David Hume, the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher. The one-and-a-half times life size statue was completed by sculptor Alexander ‘Sandy’ Stoddart in1995 It was commissioned by the Saltire Society, as part of its 60th Anniversary celebrations and the funding for the project was derived from an international appeal headed by the Duke […]