John M Robertson

(14 November 1856 – 5 January 1933)

John Mackinnon Robertson was a journalist, secularist and Member of Parliament.

Born on the Isle of Arran. He learnt journalism in Edinburgh but soon settled in London, and worked in the Secularist Movement, editing the National Reformer after the death of Charles Bradlaugh.

He was MP for Tyneside from 1906 to 1918, and was Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade, 1911-15, and Privy Councillor.

With Bradlaugh’s daughter, Hypatia Bradlaugh-Bonner, he founded the Rationalist Peace Society 1910-1921.

Later in life he was involved with Leicester Secular Society, being for instance principal trustee of the Leicester Rationalist Trust.

His prolific writings cover a wide field: politics, economics, history, and comparative religion. Of particular rationalist interest are his works on history of freethought and on the mythical nature of Jesus.

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