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We’d love to hear from you if you have questions or any ideas about how Humanist Heritage can be improved. Email us at of find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Want to use a photo from the site?

Most of the photographs we use are not copyright protected. If a photograph has been credited then please contact the photographer directly. You click on photographs to be taken to the owner’s Flickr account.

Want to submit a photograph?

We rely on user-generated content so would love for you to share your pictures and videos of humanist heritage sites and people and your events on our Flickr group.

Images shared may be used by Humanist Heritage for non-commercial purposes but will always be credited fully.

Looking for speakers?

If you’re looking for someone to speak about some aspect of Humanist heritage, go to our Speakers page where you can contact them directly.

Want to be part of humanist heritage?

Our vision is to create a network of amateur and professional historians as well as artists, film makers, activists and other social entrepreneurs to build the collective understanding of humanist heritage in the UK.  If you’d like to be involved in any capacity you can join the Humanist Heritage community – a social network where anyone wanting to contribute to the project can collaborate and develop ideas.