26 September 2010

Hamish MacPherson speaks to and writes for Birmingham Skeptics about Humanist Heritage.

13 September 2010

‘A chance to explore Humanist heritage in person’. Hamish MacPherson writes for Humanist Life about Heritage Open Days and Open House London.

24 June 2010

‘From Attlee to Adam Smith’. Andrew Copson writes for about the role humanists have played in British politics.

23 June 2010

‘Honouring our humanist heritage’. Andrew Copson writes for the Guardian about Humanist Week.

22 June 2010

‘Recognition for Hull ‘humanist hero’ Jacob Bronowski on BBC Humberside.

18 June 2010

Liz Lutgendorff talks about Humanist Week on The Pod Delusion.

7 June 2010

Andrew Copson talks to The Historical Association about Humanist Week.